Graston Technique

A Lesson on The Graston Technique

The Graston technique is just one service that your friendly local chiropractor in Cincinnati uses. At Marcon Chiropractic & Wellness Center you will find people who care. Our doctors use many techniques for treating what ails you, so let’s learn a bit more about the Graston technique.


What Is the Graston Technique?

When a chiropractor mobilizes the soft tissues in your body it provides relief to your muscles. This is known as the Graston technique. Manual therapy is based on this type of mobilization, with the technique simply taking it one step further.

Stainless steel tools are used to apply this technique to patients in need. There are two ways in which those tools are used for this purpose. One of them is to help identify where the muscles are knotted up. Our chiropractor will take a tool and move it along the surface of the patient's skin. This allows the doctor to feel out where scar tissue may be. When the scar tissue is found, it is broken up using the appropriate tools. The rubbing of the tool against scar tissue can increase the blood flow around it. As a result, function and mobility are restored. Doctors believe that increased blood flow helps injured tissue heal.

What Does Performing This Technique Accomplish?

This technique is mostly used to break down painful scar tissue caused by an injury or trauma. Another popular use for this technique is to cut down on the restrictions placed on a patient's muscles. This is accomplished by improving the ability of the connective tissue in a patient's body to stretch. Doing so is meant to rearrange the soft tissue structure. Lastly, the technique can help any injured soft tissues to heal more efficiently. There are also neurological benefits to using the Graston technique for healing. Patients that have been treated with the technique have experienced the activation of nerve fibers.

If you are suffering from back pain you may also find that receiving the Graston technique helps alleviate soreness. This has been found to be a faster way to treat back pain than many of the other methods available. Patients that have undergone this technique for back pain have reported that the recovery process was easier as a result. Using this technique may allow you to avoid taking anti-inflammatory medicine. It has also been known to eliminate chronic back pain in some patients.

Local Chiropractic Care in Cincinnati

To find out more about the Graston technique and if it could help you, be sure to call (513) 474-1111 and make an appointment with our chiropractor in Cincinnati. At Marcon Chiropractic & Wellness Center we can assess your pain and determine whether you would benefit from this technique.


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